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Electrician Potty Talk???
Potty Talk seems more applicable for a plumber’s blog, doesn’t it? In this case, because it involves lighting we’re going to give you the electrician’s perspective. Yes, there is special lighting for the potty and, much to our surprise, there are several options available!  Also, Potty Talk would not be complete without information about how to poop because according to research conducted online, a lot of people are pooping wrong so be sure to check out the video at the end!

Bathroom Business
Waking up in the middle of the night to take care of business in the bathroom is a fact of life for most of us even though we may not discuss it frequently. While you have the choice to turn lights on along the way, most choose instead to make their way in the dark because sudden bright illumination when you’re half asleep is just too unpleasant an awakening!

Statistically speaking, if one or more of these has not already happened to you in the course of taking care of bathroom business, it will occur during the remainder of your lifetime so beware of:

  • Momentary blindness from turning on lights
  • Waking your partner
  • Running into furniture, walls or door frames
  • Tripping and falling
  • Missing the target (males)
  • Falling into the target (females)

We don’t actually have scientific data to support our statistics; we just think “statistically speaking” sounds more authoritative, don’t you agree?

You could simply turn the lights on with your eyes closed and wait a few moments to adjust before opening your eyes. This will eliminate running into objects, tripping & falling and, hopefully, missing the target. Ladies could give up males altogether which would eliminate the target issues as well as the risk of falling into the target since there would be no need for the seat to ever be raised and thus left in the raised position. But in reality, none of these measures is very likely to happen by choice.

Once you’ve safely made your way to the bathroom, there are several products on the market that enable you to take care of business without turning on the bathroom lights. All of the products we’ve discovered involve lighting the toilet bowl via illumination incorporated into the toilet seat or products used in conjunction with preexisting toilet seats.

Lighted Toilet Seats by Kohler
Kohler offers a line of Nightlight toilet seats with technology to help guide you safely and comfortably. Featuring two LED bulbs that illuminate your toilet in a soft glow, Kohler suggests it is perfect for children, senior citizens or anyone who needs to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.

The dual LED lighting is designed to automatically provide optimal light intensity for guidance without disturbing nighttime vision. The light is located in the toilet seat hinge so it is visible even when the lid is down (this could be extremely helpful to prevent females from being caught by surprise when a male actually does put the seat AND the lid down on rare occasions!).

Prices range from $38 up to $1,900(!) for models with bidet capabilities. The Kohler Nightlight operates on AA batteries for up to six months. It turns on automatically on a seven-hour cycle, eliminating the need to turn it on at night and off in the morning.

LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Toilet Seat
With a regular price of $225, the LumaWarm heated nightlight seat available via Brondell is not for the budget-conscious. However, people living in the cold northern half of the United States will be very interested in this option. LumaWarm is powered by a standard GFCI wall outlet which very likely will require installation by a licensed electrician (yes, Nisat Electric installs GFCI outlets!).

For those who dread sitting on cold toilet seats, LumaWarm has three adjustable temperature settings. It is illuminated by long-lasting, energy-efficient blue LED lights and fits all standard toilet fixtures. It has a one year limited warranty.

IllumiBowl Turns Your Toilet Into Color-Changing Party Light
According to this article on CNET, if you install the colorful IllumiBowl light it will look like someone’s hosting a party in your toilet!  IllumiBowl is currently in development with a Kickstarter campaign underway to raise $20,000 capital for final tooling and production. The campaign is scheduled to end November 26, 2014.

LIGHTING Toilet Bowl Illumination 05 IllumiBowl

IllumiBowl is a small control box that you stick on the outside of your toilet bowl near the seat. The sensor turns the light on and off automatically when it detects motion. No need to get bored using the potty with the assistance of IllumiBowl! The product demonstration video shows the color changing every few seconds. You can pre-order IllumiBowl for $10 in either blue, green or red via the company website.

Even though you’re not likely to call a licensed master electrician to assist with your toilet lighting needs, we are intrigued by the concept and wanted to share this information with you. If you have experience using these or similar products, please comment below and let us know what you think!

How To Poop

Because pooping at work is often an uncomfortable, rushed experience:

How to Poop at Work

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